Methyl Acetate

Methyl Acetate

Methyl acetate (CH3COOCH3) is a kind of ester, with an airy smell similar to glue, clear liquid, colorless and flammable liquid. It is soluble in most organic solvents but is relatively soluble in water. It is a strong solvent that dissolves a wide range of resins, such as cellulose acetate, polyvinyl acetate, acrylics, epoxies, polyester and ...
Methyl acetate has a low toxicity and is easily recyclable to the environment, it is not considered a hazardous air pollutant, so the solvent is environmentally friendly. This organic solvent can be used as an alternative to acetone in the production of paints, coatings, cleaning agents for metal surfaces, adhesives, and so on .
According to the following features, Methyl Acetate is an appropriate replacement for Acetone :
  • Its evaporation rate is almost the same as for acetone .
  • It has a higher flash point than acetone .
Its flammable property is more than acetone .
The maximum reactivity of the MCR is much lower than that of acetone .
  • It is more economical than Stone .
In the industry, methyl acetate is produced by stearising acetic acid with methanol. As a sub-product in the acetic acid production process, it is produced by combining with carbon, methanol. It is also a subsidiary product obtained from the process of producing terephthalic acid and polyvinyl alcohol

1- Colors and coatings :
Soluble methyl acetate is a high evaporation rate, so it can be used in the production of all types of early drying paints and wood coatings (varnishes), industrial applications, automobile industry, vehicles and marine equipment, cans and more. The lack of volatile organic matter in methyl acetate has increased its use in the production of colors and coatings. It is also very suitable as a solvent in nail polish .

2- Clean the surfaces :
Methyl acetate is used as a solvent in surface cleansers due to its water-repellent and rapid drying properties. Because methyl acetate is rapidly converted to steam. Pollutants do not absorb air to the desired level. In addition, the methyl acetate water-repellent properties make it suitable for cleaning metal surfaces before painting and preparing them for marine applications and moisture-sensitive equipment .

3-Other Use :
Methyl acetate is also used as a solvent in the production of quick drying adhesives. The adhesives are produced by dissolving rubber and resin in methyl acetate. When the adhesive is applied on the surface, methyl acetate evaporates rapidly and causes the adhesive to harden and adheres to the surface. Methyl acetate is also used in cosmetics, personal care products such as perfume, nail polish and lacquer cleaner .

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