Octan Booster

Octan Booster

Octane Booster is a multi-purpose additive for Benzine. This product is formulated to prevent the early combustion of petrol with low octane gas and help the engine in all positions of motion and acceleration.
Increasing the octane number leads to optimal engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.
( octane number)   A measure is to demonstrate resistance   Gasoline   Or other fuels against heat, pressure and self-ignition (without spark). To the iso-octane ( 2,2,4 -trimethylpentane), the number is 100 and to the normal heptane is given zero. Octane number   Gasoline   The percentage is   Your isoactene   In normal heptane, which has an anti-caking property equal to the gasoline tested under standard test conditions. In simple terms, the more octane is a fuel, the fuel is more resistant to the phenomenon of destructive combustion. Pressure and heat are more stable. The average octane gasoline is 87. The gasoline is 89. The gasoline octane is 90, which means the gasoline quality A mixture of 90% iso-taxane fuel and 10% heptane . )
the octane number is obtained from two methods, one practical and one theory. The RON research method is called the practical method of MON.
1- A suitable lead alternative
2- Reduce carbon monoxide emissions

3- Corrosion protection

4- Improving fuel efficiency
5- Prevent the formation of sludge in the fuel system and the floor

6- Increased combustion and engine calming
5- Engine noise reduction

6- Prevents motor shaking during start and stop
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